Information Science



Human intelligence and knowledge in the age of cognitive processing


Information Technology took its place when it was necessary to manage exponentially expanding human knowledge. Although the wide range of information treated by computers is transactional, more and more semi-structured and unstructured content has been added to computer systems. This is the point where Information Science enters, helping in the interpretation of information, its classification and its preparation for the most modern technologies, which has gone through semantic computation and now reaches its peak in the recent cognitive era. Via Appia provides a range of integrated solutions and software that allow the user to scale naturally, starting from the information in nature, through the understanding and generation of insights, until reaching the maximum level, using the information in systems that simulate intelligence Human. Click here to know more about the appliance.



State-of-the-art solutions to the information science



ECM Services

Via Appia provides a wide range of software and services for the area of Information Science. Enterprise Content Management, in addition to IBM’s software for this segment, it offers services ranging from document scanning with OCR application, Temporality until the outsourcing of skilled labor to develop the services under command and guidance of the client in its own infrastructure.