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Turn your organization’s full range of information into organizational intelligence



IBM® Watson Explorer is an information optimization software. In a globalized world, where quality information has maximum value, a tool capable of managing it is fundamental to business success. The Watson Explorer solution goes way beyond. It allows the realization of intuitive search (by tags); Classifies entire sets (up to billions) of documents into editable categories, in an automated way; Generates information based on user experience; Exports documents in native format; Enables sharing across the enterprise; and much more. IBM® Watson Explorer connects everything to everyone, making it easy to access, edit and feed information quickly, simply, securely and with user restriction levels. That is, it turns your organization’s full range of information into organizational intelligence.





 Contextual Intelligence

In common search tools, the results are simple information, fragments of ideas. IBM® Watson Explorer provides all the previous knowledge about the requested information, to give a broader view of the object of interest. This is contextual intelligence. And the best: delivering to the user the information that is most relevant to your search, aligning the results to the experience of each one.

Arquitetura WatsonExplorer 


IBM® Watson Explorer is built on a modern architecture based on XML and XSL standards. User friendly, web-based administrative interface, administrators can perform complex configurations in a simple “point-and-click” way. Configurations can also be made through an extensible set of REST / SOAP-based APIs. Through web services and SOAP protocols, the IBM Watson Explorer tool can easily extract data from existing applications, creating a universal gateway to securely access information from disparate systems within the organization. In addition, it is able to support close uptimes of 100% of the time, ensuring high performance in a typical distributed environment, and supports the ability to handle terabytes of information with low infrastructure costs.



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Case study:

REDE-LAB do Brasil identifica ativos ilícitos com a ajuda do IBM Watson Explorer.

Brazil’s REDE-LAB identi es illicit assets with help from IBM Watson Explorer.