Advanced semantic and ontology features


Advanced semantic and ontology features



TheXML® is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining technical vocabularies. TheXML® encompasses both simpler dictionaries and synonym lists, as well as taxonomies aimed at classifying information. The more complex vocabularies like thesaurus and ontologies are created and maintained, allowing to provide conceptual research by several of the major search engines on the market. All vocabularies have concept translation features to provide cross language search. The solution has totally WEB 2.0 interface, fully integrated with the most modern usability rules. That is, the end of the barriers between users and the advanced treatment of information.




The meaning of the information

O TheXML® allows not only the creation and maintenance of thesauri, but also the generation of alphabetical and systematic reports of the generated macro or micro thesauri, adding to the other types of vocabularies mentioned, with full user customization and integration With search tools such as Watson Explorer, Share Point, Fast Search, Google, among others. This ensures a unique search experience. This is one of the best and most important multi-lingual Thesaurus management tools ever developed in the world

Cross languages search

 Since the solution allow the translation for the concepts for an unlimited number of languages, it allows also allows that the users search for concepts in a specified language and find correlated information in several other languages. As the ontology’s terms translation are note done literally by the keyword, but unsing the concepts, the user will not face noise inside the results generated by the literality.   A word in a language not aways is related in all aspects with the word literally translated.

International Quality

 TheXML® follows the ISO standards 2788, 5964 and 25964-1, and is the result of 20 years of experience in Via Appia, observing the best results achieved in various international tools. In addition to conforming to ISO standards, the user has the flexibility and freedom to create other terminologies using other standards.

Web Services

To enable effective use of terminology, TheXML® provides a range of Web Services for integration with other enterprise or organization systems, in order to index virtually all types of information. By intelligent use of terms, we mean that a term that has the filled “UP” relationship, for example, can not be indexed with that term, but with the authorized one, to which TheXML® already processes and returns the term right. The result is proven with more agility in the processes, communication efficiency, dynamism between systems and, above all, total security.


In addition to Web Services, TheXML® also generates taxonomies, synonyms dictionaries and other terminologies directly for search engines such as Watson Explorer, SharePoint, FAST Search, Google, and more. This allows the classification and categorization of all information in the organization in a standardized way, allowing end users a unique search experience.





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