IBM Streams

Capture and analyze data in motion.


IBM® InfoSphere Streams enables you to conveniently capture and use
all of your important business data … All the time … in real time.





IBM® InfoSphere Streams is a high-performance computing platform that enables user-developed applications to quickly consume, analyze and correlate information as they come from diferente sources in real-time.

IBM® InfoSphere Streams:


• With its ability to seamlessly deploy applications in clusters of computers of any size, InfoSphere Streams meets today’s reaction time and scalability requirements while preserving the flexibility to evolve with future changes in data volumes and business rules. InfoSphere Streams supports the composition of new applications in the form of flow-processing charts that can be quickly created, correlated to various hardware configurations, and adapted to varying requirements and changes in relative priorities.


• InfoSphere Streams supports high volume of structured and unstructured data sources such as numbers, text, images, audio, voice, VoIP, video, TV, financial news, radio, police scanner radios, web traffic, email, Chat, GPS data, financial transaction data, satellite data, sensors, badge readings and any other type of digital information relevant to your business.


  InfoSphere Streams is part of IBM’s Big Data and InfoSphere Software portfolio, designed to provide reliable information for your organization.


• With InfoSphere Streams, you can immediately reflect on events and trends, while still being able to improve business results.


Government, telecommunications, healthcare, energy and utilities, finance, manufacturing and all other market segments will benefit whenever there is need for immediate and accurate analysis and decisions based on what is happening at the moment.

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