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Big Data consulting

As IBM’s partner in Big Data and with 20 years of experience in Information Science, most notably in search and semantics, Via Appia has highly specialized professionals, offering to the national market an unparalleled range of services that help users achieve their goals. Information the closest and most advanced levels of the much-desired Semantic WEB.

Search consulting

Search Consulting involves two aspects, in the first Via Appia offers specialized workforce in search of permanent work at the user’s premises and under his command. In the second case, Via Appia offers development services and advanced configuration in search software for the development of search interfaces and highly personalized alerts. In the latter case, it also helps in the search project, where the data sources that are to be indexed or federated are chosen.

Creation of taxonomies,
thesaurus and ontologies

The great quantum leap expected from Semantic WEB is that information systems stop looking for loose terms, only with synonymy resources and to understand the content of the information, managing to get the concepts that the user is really looking for. Both the intelligence user and corporate users can get unimaginable results from such resources. Via Appia has highly trained human resources to assist in the creation and maintenance of documentary languages such as taxonomies, thesaurus and ontologies. These documentary languages provide the information systems with the necessary subsidies to deepen the understanding of the contents. While taxonomies aid in the categorization of information, thesaurus and ontologies allow the understanding of the areas of knowledge, allowing the refinement of a deep understanding of the concepts, all according to the investment of time and resources dispensed.

Sentiment analysis

The analysis of sentiment is simply that a computer system can read a text and understand it enough to extract insights, as if the text is favorable or not to a particular candidate or product, or to extract a score from 0 to 10 of a given Hotel, through discussions of blogs or social networks. Via Appia provides the service, independent of the software, for the customization required to extract the insights expected by the end user. Among the software that Via Appia is familiar with are IBM Watson Explorer, IBM Big Insights and IBM Streams.

Consulting and development
of cognitive applications

Via Appia provides the developing of cognitive applications service, using IBM Bluemix and advanced search tools. Several segments of the same organization can benefit from cognitive applications to obtain automatic dialogue with clients, decision support at the most diverse levels, and create systems with advanced user interaction. Feeling analysis is nothing more than a computer system being able to read a text.