Cognitive Computing

IA and Machine Learning


Cognitive Computing Era is Here: Are You Ready?





At a glance, the concept of cognitive computing involves of the computational systems that has as its objective provide interaction e results generation in a way as much as possible like the functioning of the human brain. The concept of cognitive computing is linked to the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Although those concepts are not well defined yet, they are being developed for decades. Instead of that, important results are being generated giving a great improvement to medicine, education, law and intelligence areas, among other important improvement. 






Via Appia uses high level APIs to develop systems base in cognitive intelligence to several industries, whose main examples are intelligence (police and forensics) and automatic interaction of companies and its clients using natural language. The main tools used by Via Appia to developer its on demand solutions are IBM Bluemix and Basis Rosette. Via Applia also integrate based on the Search-in-a-box Appliance and IBM Watson Explorer Enterprise or Advanced to gather the power of semantic processing and the cognitive computing features.












 What is Basis Rosette?

The Rosette linguistics platform uses state of the art natural language processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining, machine learning, statistics, and computational linguistics. Rosette provides capabilities like identifying the language of incoming text, providing a normalized representation in Unicode, and locating names, places and other key concepts from a body of unstructured text. Rosette is the world’s most widely-used family of commercial software products for multilingual information retrieval. Its reliability, scalability, accuracy, and strict compliance with industry and international standards have been put to the test in high volume transaction environments, such as Google’s multilingual search engine, PeopleSoft’s human capital management software, and’s global e-commerce system.

The Basis’ digital forensics group provides investigative services and software to make examiners more efficient. They develop solutions that focus on speed, ease of use, and extensibility for incident responders, corporate investigators, law enforcement, and the military. The digital forensics group are the primary contributors to several open source projects, including Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit, for which they provide commercial add-ons, training, and support.





What is IBM Bluemix?

In IBM words Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture, based on Cloud Foundry, that enables you to rapidly create, deploy, and manage your cloud applications. Because Bluemix is based on Cloud Foundry, you can tap into a growing ecosystem of runtime frameworks and services. In addition to providing additional frameworks and services, Bluemix provides a dashboard for you to create, view, and manage your applications and services as well as monitor your application’s resource usage. The Bluemix dashboard also provides the ability to manage organizations, spaces, and user access.