Case Manager

Advanced Case Management


Simplifies complex case workflow and empowers case workers




IBM® Case Manager provides you with a flexible framework, a cohesive approach, and integrated case management tools. This solution unites content, processes, and people to provide a 360-degree view of the case to optimize results while addressing regulatory requirements. Now case workers and knowledge workers can extract more value and insight from critical information, allowing them to make better and faster decisions in cases.

Case Manager offers an advanced case management approach to help you close cases efficiently, with best results:


•   Accelerate maturity time with a flexible framework and templates — Case Manager offers a business design that includes interview-style interfaces for case building, as well as the ability to capture best-in-class modeling practices.


•   Improve insights and improve decision making with case analytics — this insight can optimize case work at the micro and macro levels.


•  Drive customer service with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) — Case Manager can leverage the strategy of the IBM ECM portfolio for content federation and integration.


•  Customize sua abordagem usando recursos de design agile para gerenciamento de caso  —  o Case Manager usa uma abordagem de gerenciamento de regras de negócios integrada para facilitar o gerenciamento de decisões sofisticadas.


•    Increase flexibility and deal with business process and rule management regulations — knowledge jobs can create and participate in structured and ad hoc workflows.

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